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About Nonprofit Hub Press

About the Book

Captivate and Engage: The Definitive Guide for Nonprofit Websites was published by Nonprofit Hub Press, a new specialty publisher based in Lincoln, Nebraska that supports the specialized educational and instructional needs of nonprofit organizations, for-profits and purpose-driven companies.

Nonprofit Hub Press encourages nonprofit professionals who want to share their passion and expertise with donors, partners and prospective supporters to simply do it. Embrace becoming an authority in your own right—whatever that means to you. Are you innovating around your cause? Are you inspiring people to connect? Are you a social entrepreneur? The world needs more thought leaders. 

Let’s face it, excellence doesn’t come easy. But for writers ready to independently publish their first (or fifteenth) book, eBook, audiobook, etc., Nonprofit Hub Press’ marketing and educational support can take some of the weight off of your shoulders. They are a good fit for nonprofit authors with an open mind and a strong work ethic.